Post-Op Instructions for Dental Implant

We are committed to providing you with the upmost quality of care. Please follow the general postoperative guidelines below, and by all means, call at any hour of any day to report any continuing problem.

  • Fluid and food intake is important. Start by first taking the gauze out of your mouth then we suggest you start with clear carbonated beverages, such as ginger ale, seven-up, or sprite. Once your stomach has settled, you can have other fluids such as water, teas, cooled down broth and soups. You can also have cool or warm soft foods; mashed potatoes, Jell-O, scrambled eggs, omelets, and pasta. Avoid hot liquids until the numbness has worn off, and the bleeding has stopped. Avoid dairy products the first half of the day or if your stomach is upset. It’s very important to drink fluids and eat so you do not get dehydrated and lightheaded. It’s also very important to drink fluids and eat before taking strong pain meds.
  • After you have eaten you can replace the gauze we have provided. You should replace the gauze packs every 30-45 minutes for the first couple of hours. The bleeding may last until bedtime. If the bleeding later in the day does not seem to be under control biting on a moist tea bag for 30 minutes may help control persistent oozing. Tea has an ingredient that promotes blood clotting. Should active bleeding persist, please call the office. Do not disturb the area of surgery. Avoid vigorous chewing, excessive spitting, or rinsing as initial healing maybe delayed, active bleeding restarted, or infection introduced.
  • Pain following oral surgery will be most severe within the first 6-8 hours after the operation. Please take medication as directed.
  • Please, do not drink alcoholic beverages while taking prescription pain medication. Please do not smoke. This will delay your healing.
  • Take any antibiotics we may have prescribed. You should eat 1 yogurt with active cultures or acidophilus (which is in the vitamin section). The yogurt and acidophilus is to prevent diarrhea. If you do get diarrhea stop the antibiotics right away and call us. Other than that you should finish taking the antibiotics until gone.
  • Swelling related to the surgical procedure usually develops during the first 12-24 hours following surgery, often increasing up to the third day. It should start to subside on the fourth day. Swelling can be minimized a great deal by applying ice to the side of your face for the first 3 hours, take a break from the ice every 15 minutes. If bone graft was needed in your procedure ice should not be applied.
  • Limit physical activity during the first 24-48 hours after surgery. Over exertion may lead to postoperative bleeding and discomfort. When you lay down, keep your head elevated on a pillow. When you have been lying down for a while, get up slowly.
  • For the first 24 hours you should have someone with you when attempting to get up and go somewhere!!!!

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