TMJ or Jaw Joint

The jaw joint is called Temporomandibular joint or TMJ. This is a unique joint in the body and has unique function not like any other joint in the body. It both rotates like a hinge similar to knee or elbow, but it also dislocate itself during chewing and yawning etc. this a unique function in animal kingdom.

In humans TMJ can cause problem due to chronic muscle spasm, incorrect jaw positions, incorrect bite, trauma, and developmental stage of the child, orthodontic treatment, arthritis, tumors or cyst. The majority of the TMJ problems are muscular and muscle spasm due to clenching during day or night for various reasons. Chronic muscle spasm may put pressure on the joints and create joint problems such as joint damage, cartilage damage. Such problems are most part very painful and require attention.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the only doctors who are trained to deal with TMJ as part of their training. Dr. Hajarian is well trained to treat TMJ problems with various non-surgical and surgical procedure to deal with TMJ issues. Thus, if you believe that you suffer from such problem and have not received formal help make an appointment with Dr. Hajarian on a one to one basis and receive the most recent treatment modalities that works for you.

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