Head & Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer constitutes about 2-4% of all the cancers. It start with mouth, tongue, throat, salivary gland and so on. About 75% of these cancers are tobacco and alcohol related. A good screening may be performed by your physician and dentist. If you find any unusual lump or mass that was not there before you should visit your physician or dentist for a thorough examination and laboratory test to address the issue. Dr. Hajarian can perform any biopsy that is recommended by your general physician or dentist for any suspicious lesion in the mouth or face. This is usually performed in the office with local anesthesia and some mild sedation if needed.

There are some lesions that may require general anesthesia and may have to be done in the hospital. Thus, make sure you visit your doctor and dentist on regular basis especially if you drink alcoholic beverages and smoke or has had history of smoking.

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